Contact the Committee

All correspondence to the Committee must be sent to:

Committee on Judicial Conduct
P. O. Box 127
Augusta, ME 04332

To reach the Committee by phone:

(207) 592-7712

PLEASE NOTE: The Committee cannot be contacted by email.


The Committee investigates complaints, holds hearings, makes findings, reports misconduct or disability, and recommends disciplinary action to the Supreme Judicial Court. The committee is not a substitute for an appeal or other remedy in the litigation itself.

The Committee cannot intervene in or change court proceedings or decisions in any way, and it should not be relied on for that purpose.

If you disagree with or wish to contest a ruling in your case it may be appropriate for you to file an appeal.

Click here for more information about the appeal process.


Members and Staff

The Committee is composed of eight members who serve for one nonrenewable six-year term. Three of the members are judges (from the Superior, District, or Probate Courts), two are lawyers,and three are members of the public (including the current chairperson). The judicial members of the Committee are appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court, and the lawyer and public members are appointed by the Court upon the recommendation of the Governor. The current Committee Members are:

  • Christine S. Gianopoulos, M.P.A., Chairperson, until January 22, 2024
  • Charles W. Smith, Jr., Esq., until January 22, 2024
  • Jon A. Haddow, Esq., until March 1, 2025
  • Cathy A. DeMerchant, until March 1, 2025
  • Charles B. "Chuck" Kruger, until January 27, 2027
  • Hon. Maria Woodman, until September 1, 2028
  • Hon. Margot Joly, until September 1, 2028
  • Hon. Harold L. Stewart II, until September 1, 2029

The Committee has five alternate members (one Superior Court Justice, one District Court Judge, one Probate Judge, one lawyer, and one public member) who attend Committee meetings and vote when a regular member is absent or is disqualified from participating in a particular matter. The current Alternate Members are:


  • Hon. Andrew Benson, until September 1, 2028
  • Hon. Michael Dubois, until September 1, 2028
  • Hon. Deborah P. Cashman, until September 1, 2029

Lawyer Member:

  • Kenneth I. Marass., Esq., until March 1, 2025

Lay Member:

  • Kenneth W. Bowden, untl January 27, 2027

Judicial Liaison:

  • Associate Justice A. Mark Horton, Maine Supreme Judicial Court

In addition, the Committee currently employs a part-time Executive Secretary, who is a lawyer, and an Administrative Assistant. They are:

Cabanne Howard, Esq., Executive Secretary
Lori Tremblay, Administrative Assistant